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“To harness the potential of information  and communication technology as a key contributor to the development of YUC and to support various academic processes”


“To develop an efficient ICT Infrastructure, in synchrony with the creation of highly trained individuals and teams, to foster world-class academic ICT services to a variety of users”


Plan, organize, implement and manage SIS to support various academic processes

  • Make IT department a facilitator and enabler to provide maximum opportunities to various units within YUC to lead the community
  • Establish Plans & priorities for the use of IT across YUC
  • Establish efficient and cost effective infrastructure to foster YUC IT needs
  • Promote a wide spread use of ICT applications across YUC
  • Develop a campus to reinforce the E-Vision of YUC
  • Be excellent in achieving customer satisfaction and provide high quality customer service.
  • Conform to International Standards