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Continuing Education and Community Service Center -CECS


Having the leadership in preparing and implementing the community services and continuing education programs based on highest criteria of quality and excellence which is following the latest methods of presentation.


Developing and flourishing the individual's skills to become the main pillar in leading an exceptional society in Yanbu.


  1. Social responsibility is a duty and an obligation.
  2. Quality and excellence is a work style.
  3. Customer satisfaction is the ultimate purpose and goal.


  1. Developing members of the community skills and abilities and advancing members in all sides to achieve the objectives of the strategic plan of the Royal Commission in Yanbu so Yanbu Industrial City become the best in the world.
  2. Strengthen the relationship between the sector of colleges and institutes in Yanbu Royal Commission and all segments of society.
  3. Providing distinctive programs that meet the needs of the community and compatible with the requirements of the industrial sector.
  4. Providing educational and training specialized services and providing an opportunity for community members to join these services.
  5. Spreading education and knowledge among members of the community by providing purposeful programs.
  6. Transferring the expertise of staff member in sector to the community members through benefit from teaching.
  7. Helping the sector to achieve its objectives and developing its programs through linking it with community.

For Registration in short courses

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