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RSU - Home

Adynamic world-class research culture is not only crucial to the economic growth of the country but is also imperative for the development ofthe academia of the country. Academic institutions pride themselves over their advances in research. Research is the best source of differentiation in academia. In fact, research is considered a critical success factor for the academic institution.

The Research and Study Unity is initiating research at the university including innovative teaching expertise. RSU is responsible for providing fully support to students and faculty members to carry research and provide research facilities in all areas of expertise. Yanbu University College (YUC), being cognizant of this fact, thus aims to enhance the capacity of departments of higher learning to carry out cutting edge research in the areas of Applied Computer Science, Computer Engineering, Management Information System, Human Resource, General Sciences ( including Mathematics, Physics), Linguistics as well as Social Sciences and Humanities.

RSU - Vision

The Research and Study Unit will be among the best research center to participate the national objectives of the  Kingdom of Saudi Arabia for science and technology.

RSU - People

Men’s Campus

Dr Abdulmonem Alzalabani (DMD-AA)

Dr. Ensar Sehic  (Member from MS-IMT Department)

Dr. Ali Mohammad (Member from CSE Department)

Mr. Mohammad Khan (Member from MS-IMT Department)

Mr. Haifizi Ali (Member from MS-IMT Department)

Dr. Zakir Hussain (Member from GS Department)

Dr. Kang Mun Arturo Tan (Member from MS-IMT Department)

Dr. Ashfaque Ahmed Pinitod (Member from MS-IMT Department)

Dr. Haitham Ahmed Abdelmoneim (Member from MS-IMT Department)

Dr. Lajimi Amor (Member of GS Department)

Women’s campus

Dr. Farhana Shaheen, Chairperson

Dr. Ghsoon Reda (Member from AL Department)

Ms. Eman Quaishi (Member from GS Department)

Ms Salma Hamoda (Member from CE/CS Department)

Dr A Roqsana Taher (Member from MS Department)

RSU - Mission

RSU will be responsible for providing fully support to students and faculty members to carry research and provide research facilities in all areas of expertise and if possible funding to attend and present their research paper in conferences and workshops.

RSU - Strategic Plans

Research and Study Unit at YUC although a new center but striving for cultivating research environment at YUC, the researchers are encouraged on their success so that other faculty members are motivated.


  • To participate the national objectives of Kingdom of Saudi Arabia for sciences and technology.
  • To establish a strong relationship with regional industrial companies.
  • To motivate the students and faculty member to utilize their research capabilities as much as possible.
  • Arranging workshops within YUC to encourage faculty members and students towards research.
  • To Publish research material in well reputed international journal, books and proceedings to promote the name of YUC.
  • Arranging national and international conferences to provide scholarly platform for the faculty members, students and local community of this region.
  • Update research Database of the university on monthly basis and also website should be updated.
  • Link research groups of YUC to collaborate with other national and international research groups.
  • Encouraging them to engage their students in experimental learning opportunities through research and development.

RSU - Contact Us

For more information, contact Dr Abdulmonem Alzalabani (DMD-AA), This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.