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YUC Academic Departments and Centers

All undergraduate programs are designed to meet the needs of the kingdom in general and Yanbu AlSinaiyah in particular

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To be a leading department in Saudi Arabia, to contribute in evolving high-level human resources that can cope with scientific and technological development.


To help students cultivate the intellectual curiosity, abilities, and knowledge required for lifelong learning as global citizens. By provide a rigorous breadth of study in major fields of knowledge that will prepare students for a seamless transition into a perspective major.


A. Preparation of qualified and specialized students to meet the needs of the college and community

B. To create a learning environment in the department.

C. To improve scholarly and innovative activities among faculty.

D. To make link between our department and another departments around the world.

E. To improve the security and the quality of exams across the dept.

F. To develop course specification and course delivery schedule according to the requirements of the respective new and old programs.

G. To manage department’s e-learning activities and the contents of websites.

H. To arrange national course training and workshops to increase the income.

I. To arrange workshops within YUC to community service.