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YUC Academic Departments and Centers

All undergraduate programs are designed to meet the needs of the kingdom in general and Yanbu AlSinaiyah in particular

Computer Science Program

Computer Science Program


The BS in CS program is designed to provide several important features that include a set of core courses to provide breadth in the field, additional specialized courses to provide indepth knowledge and understanding of different major areas of computer science. The curriculum is flexible and provides opportunity for students to specialize in the areas of their interests through the choice of appropriate computer science (CS) electives. The program structure allows the students to choose 12 credits (4 courses) as CS electives and 6 credits (2 courses) as social science electives. A well integrated lecture and laboratory component is another important feature of this program. More importantly, our program closely follows the ACM/IEEE Computing Curricula 2005 recommendations and is designed to match the standards required to achieve ABET (The Accreditation Board for Engineering and Technology) accreditation. The BS in CS program is offered with two options; BS in CS with COOP Training, BS in CS with Capstone Project.

Program Objectives

The objectives of the BS in Computer Science program are to produce graduates who are competent to:

Apply acquired knowledge of the major areas of the body of knowledge and the theories of computer science to exercise decisive judgment across a range of related problems.

Work effectively independently and as part or leader of a team to solve problems using computers and computer science principles.

Analyze, design, implement and evaluate software systems by following the state of the art information systems processes.

Improve their technical skills through life long learning.

demonstrate an understanding and appreciation of the societal consequences of technology, including computers, and of the ethical issues that may arise with new technologies.

learn independently and find relevant resources that may emerge from future changes in computer science and software engineering.

Department of Computer Science and Engineering

Click here:Department of Computer Science and Engineering


The Department of Computer Science and Engineering has been consolidating the scientific knowledge in the field of computer science enabling students to keep up with the latest development in this area. The main objective of the Computer Science Program at YUC is to prepare the students for graduate studies in computer science as well as entry into the workforce as computer professionals. This program also aims at alleviating the demands for computer engineers in industry, business, and higher education.

The mission of department:

  • To provide skilled Saudi graduates needed for the country’s current and future development plans,in particular in the field of computing.

  • To prepare qualified graduates to work in the field of computing and research.

  • To provide the market with graduates who are able to apply the latest technologies in the workplace.
  • To offer courses that are in line the with international accreditation body, ABET.